Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Soggiest June

I think we might have had the soggiest June on record. As of yesterday, Fox news said that we had moved up from fifth place to second. We got lots more rain today, so I suspect that we have moved into first place.

Only a few weeks ago, I was lamenting the lack of rain. Now, we've got all we could ever want...and more. Ironically, it's very, very dry in Chicago. Too bad I can't package up the rainclouds and send a few over.

Of course, afternoon rain is a fact of life in Florida. Every summer, the midday monsoons move in. Usually, they don't last very long. They just boom with thunderbolts and blast with lightning, disgorge a downpour, and disappear. The problem this month is that they're starting early and staying all day.

When they come at their usual time, it's easy to deal with them. Even in my tourist days, my husband and I became expert at planning meals or indoor activities around the afternoon showers. I feel sorry for the poor souls who are vacationing with the Mouse this week. It's bad enough that they've paid top dollar to take their trip in the peak season. Then they get to plow through the crowds and wait in two hour lines. Now, worse yet, they're getting drenched too.

When my husband and I know that showers are coming, we pack our bright blue ponchos. They offer good protection, especially if you're wearing shorts. But here's an important tip: DO NOT wear tennis shoes. If you do, your feet will be sloshing all day and probably developing blisters. Wear tongs or water sandals for maximum comfort on soggy turf.

Speaking of the sogginess, my floors are a real mess from tracking in wet grass and mulch all week. I have minimized some of it by laying new stepping stones along the garage. I had smaller ones, but they made me feel like I was playing hopskotch. Now I've got nice, big ones that are easy to maneuver on. Hopefully they will cut down on my floor scrubbing.

My house is considered a bungalow, and amazingly, it's standard that the back family room comes with carpet. Ours was upgraded to tile, thank God. I can't even imagine the horror of trying to keep carpeting clean. We almost always park in our driveway and trek through the backyard, so if we had carpet, by now it would have a permanent mud-colored path worn in.

The weather just came on t.v., and rain is in the forecast all the way through Saturday. I hope it blows out early, as the Tugger World Premiere starts on the 2nd at 2 p.m. I don't have a choice on whether to go or not, as my husband and I have volunteered to work in one of the merchandise booths. There are festivities planned throughout the day, from an Air Force fly-over to a premiere of the Tugger movie on big screen televisions to a concert by Jim Belushi and a fireworks display capper. Celebration will be closed to everyone except residents (and, presumably, those associated with the premiere); others will have to park on the outskirts and take a shuttle downtown. We all received passes in the mail to allow us to come and go freely.

The rain needs to hold off on Monday, too, which is the actual 4th of July holiday. Sunday promises to be low key, but on Monday we have another full slate of activities, capped by yet another fireworks display. I will be driving in the parade that morning; my husband won a week's Jaguar rental in a raffle, so he's picking up the vehicle tomorrow, and we'll be decking it out for the parade. Originally I was going to enter Canyonero, but I couldn't resist using the Jag.

I'll be very happy to see my husband, since he's been in Chicago for two weeks (his usual jaunt is one week at a time). The weather there has been at FL heat levels, so at least he's felt at home. Or maybe's hard to get used to boring Midwest landscapes when you're used to palm trees and lush tropical vegetation. I'm sure that Farquaad will be pleased to see him, too. Quaad is definitely his cat, since he's spoiled that cat since kittenhood with handouts of raw beef and half & half. Quaad goes crazy if you say either "Beef" or "Cream." He's always miffed when hubby is out of town, since I'm not nearly as generous with the goodies.

Tonight I'll start my prayers for sunshine, and hopefully it will be a dry (and fun) holiday weekend.

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