Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Monkee Mamas

Ah, has it really been three years already? I marveled at the passage of time as I readied myself to join the Mickey Mommas for our annual sojourn to see Davy Jones. Every spring, like a sprightly (if somewhat wrinkled) tulip bulb, Davy pops up on the Epcot stage. And each year, without fail, the Mickey Mommas caravan from Celebration to oogle and swoon at his feet.

This year was no exception; as you can see from the photo above, we had quite a large contingent of Mommas, with more planning to meet us at Epcot. We were all sporting stylish Monkey Hats, courtest of our intrepid leader (wielding the bag in the front row).
We always ensure that we are alcoholically enhanced for the yearly Davy Stalking. Thus, our first stop was the Mexican pavillion to toke up on frozen margaritas. Since we hadn't eaten dinner yet, my next door neighbor and I made a quick pitstop at Britain for fish and chips. The fish and chips are excellent and make a handy mobile meal. We crammed our craws with fish and french fries as we whizzed through World Showcase to catch up with the rest of our crew. We knew it wouldn't be too hard to spot them; how many others at Epcot would be crowned with a rainbow of primate-themed chapeaus?

We caught up with the other Mommas just in time to place our margarita orders. I opted for some sort of blended concoction, consisting of four flavors. I think that kiwi, lime, and strawberry were involved, although I couldn't swear to it. All I know is that it was cold and strong and delicious!
We snagged a prime place in line and milled about expectantly as the last strains of Davy's previous show echoed all around us. Finally, the gates (well, more accurately, ropes) to the Promised Land were cast aside, and we were allowed to enter. Acting as a primal pack with one mind, we made a stampede for the front row. An exasperated cast member shouted at us to walk! Obviously, he had no proper sense of Davy's allure and the lengths through which we would go to achieve the closest possible proximity. Soon enough, we were all seating in the front row on the lefthand side:

While all seemed to be proceeding smoothly, there was a faint undercurrent of unrest. It seems as though one of the Mommas had an "in" with Davy:

Notice the photo on her shirt above, documenting her up-close and personal meeting backstage with Mr. Jones. How would this sit with our Fearless Leader, who jealousy guards Davy for herself each year? She had packed a secret weapon: a matching green monkey hat with which she hoped to divert Davy's attention from his former flame:

Would the bribery ploy work? Or would there be a catfight at the foot of the stage? I began to fear the latter as the performance throttled into high gear. Davy was blatantly flaunting himself at his t-shirt-wearing former fling, and also at my next-door neighbor, with whom he'd had also been flirting last year.
Unable to bear Davy's relentless taunting any longer, our leader lept up and proffered the coveted money hat. As you can tell by his startled deer-in-the-headlights expression, her bold profession of love caught him off-guard ("I thought I told my manager to make sure that the restraining order was still in force and to have her photo posted at every entrance").

Like the good sport he is, Davy donned the hat:

He finished his song in his lovely new green headgear, and afterwards, it inpsired him to launch into a monologue about how he will never escape being a Monkee. Later, the big tease danced with another Momma, but our leader was now assured that it was all an act...she knew that he belonged to her and her alone, and that he wore the mark to prove it.

After the concert, Davy took the hat offstage with him...I won't even speculate on the unholy purposes for which it may have been used.

Afterwards, we all stuck around to watch Illuminations, but the Disney fireworks were anti-climactic after the explosive display between Davy and the Mickey Mommas. I can't even begin to guess how we will top 2007's excursion, but I'm sure our leader will dream up an even better way to get the attention of her Cheeky Monkey in 2008.

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Two4Disney said...

That's hilarious! We saw Davy Friday night and it was such a blast!!