Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Join Me Live at Walt Disney World!

Check out my video and pictorial blog of the American Idol premiere event by visiting http://www.wdwevent.com/packinthefun/examiner/

You'll see photos and videos that are updated every day (right now there are three videos live and a TON of photos). The media tour is part of my work for Examiner.com, where I am the Orlando Getaways reporter. My main Examiner site is at http://www.examiner.com/x-2200-Orlando-Getaways-Examiner

Please join me over at the Disney site...I promise it will be a lot of fun! The Idol premiere is Thursday, so by Friday the final video and photos should all be uploaded.

1 comment:

Geren said...

Barb, you are a trooper. The sacrifices you make to live near Mickey. Not sure what's in the water over there at the Reedy Creek Improvement District. I'm still a big fan of you.