Monday, June 05, 2006

Figment and the Trailer

As an addendum to my last blog entry, here are some pictures of my horse Figment and the "equine limousine" that is transporating him to Florida:

Above is Figment gazing at the yard of the Illinois barn, unaware that this is the last time he'll see it. Soon, his view will be palm trees and orange groves!

Here, Figment is trying to sneak a snack under the fence. His old stall is at left, and his two former pasture-mates are inside the barn. He has no idea that he's seen them for the very last time. My friend's horse won't be sorry to see him go, as he loved to torment the poor creature. But he never dared to mess with my old man, Cochise, who is a very dominant horse even at the age of 29.

Below is the trailer in which he will spend approx. 2 days and 1200 miles:

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