Monday, June 05, 2006

Goodbye Mr. Figgs

My husband sent me more photos tonight to ease my worried mind. I needed that, since I haven't been able to get in touch with the driver. Hopefully he's not lying wounded by the side of the road next to a kicked-apart shell of a trailer as Figment runs wild down the expressway!

Since Figgie had only been on a trailer once in his entire 8 years on this earth, I was worried about how he would react. He was delivered to me as a 3 year old, but his mother was on board with him, so I'm sure that helped convince him to jump aboard willingly. Now he was being asked to climb into a dark, empty, unfamiliar space after climbing a hollow-sounding ramp. Goodness only knows that he'd think about that.

But from the photos, it looks like it wasn't a big trauma for him. Below, he is meeting the driver for the first time:

Having decided that he's friend, not foe, Figment follows him out of the corral:

My 29 year old horse, Cochise, watches from the safety of his stall. The old man looks pretty good, considering that he's the equivalent of a 90-something-year-old human!

Figment let off a pile of road apples before climbing in:


Figgie was eating hay within minutes of the above photo (right afterwards, the driver hung a hay net), so I don't think he was too upset. Goodness only knows where he is right now, as I type this. I remember my own Journey From Hell through the ice storm, but we're not too likely to have a repeat of that in June. Hopefully they made it to Ohio at some point today to pick up some friends so he can feel like he's part of a "herd" for the rest of the trip.

Tomorrow morning I'll try the driver again and see if I can get some news on how my "baby" made it through the night.

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