Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Desperation Continues

Fox Orlando has once again broken into the court shows with the following stunning news that Central Florida surely could not have waited for:

1) Casey Anthony (mother of the missing child in the ongoing case mentioned in my other blog post) was not visited by her mom! Wow! Her mother opted to not visit her in jail today! I am so glad that they interrupted "Judge Mathis" to tell me because I wasn't able to pay attention to the show anyway. My mind kept whispering, "Well, Casey's mother visits her a lot, but what if she decided not to today? That would be such a major development, and I wouldn't know about it!"

2) Casey has had some formal charges filed against her. No new evidence and no actual murder charges, just a dull assortment of obstructing-type things. Ho hum.

It makes me wonder, is the Fox news team really so deluded that they think anyone actually gives a flying flip about that crap? Or are they so hungry for air time that it's crossed over into some scary sort of mental disorder that will cause them to grasp at even more desperate straws when this case is finally over? Does it feed their ego deficits to feel that they are more powerful than poor Judge Mathis and able to knock him off the air at their whim?

Even as a mental health professional, I have a hard time making sense of it. We're back to the court shows now, and I'm a little uneasy because I'm afraid that Casey might pick her nose or bite her fingernail and I won't know about it. Silly me, I'm watching Fox Orlando...they would never deprive me of news of that magnitude!

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