Saturday, March 07, 2009

Disney Brand...Eggs?

Granted, it's not as exciting as Spotted Dick Pudding, but another product caught my eye in Publix today. This was in the Publix near Celebration, where we have no obscenely named foods but where people make milk sacrifices to God (if you're not sure what I'm babbling about, just read the previous blog entry). What we do have is Disney Brand Eggs. Yes, Disney Brand Eggs, complete with Mickey on the box and characters neatly stamped onto each shell:

I was innocently choosing some yogurt when Mickey caught my eye. When you stay at your first on-site Disney resort, they implant a powerful chip that will draw you to such things like a beacon, and when you move to Celebration I suspect they somehow upgrade it, or else the close proximity to the Home of the Mouse just makes it stronger. I did a double take...yes, I was looking at Disney eggs, produced by chickens who eat nothing but vegetarian feed, with no hormones, chemicals, or antibiotics. According to the description inside the carton lid, they have "bright, clear egg whites and rich, plump yokes, making them more distinct than ordinary eggs." I can't say I've ever really looked an an egg close enough to make any comparison. As long as the yolk reasonably yellow and soft enough to smoosh my toast in, I'm covered. A bit of exploring on the internet revealed the following commercial, featuring a somewhat scary Mickey head made from a fried egg, although I supposed it would be rather tasty with Mickey waffles, and a Mickey ice cream bar for dessert:

Alas, I didn't see the groovy Mickey shaper included in the carton of eggs, so you're on your own to create egg artwork for your breakfast table. I'm close enough to Disney World to get a dose whenever I want it, but if you live farther away, a taste of Mickey (literally) is just as close to the refrigerator case in your local store. You may even get a few extra eggs down the kids' gullets before they realize that stamped-characters still don't make them as desirable to young palates as sugar-laden cereals.


Mike Corbo said...

Just spotted in our local Shoprite here in NJ, frozen Mickey shaped pizzas (sorry no picture)

Najah said...

Half of me says Disney needs to cut the crap, but the other half of me says if this can encourage kids to eat better food, then I have no choice but to be for it, since it is a nice alternative to all the processed junk foods geared towards children.

I saw them in a path mark next to eggs produced under the same standards. I will say something though. Eggs that come from chickens that are fed well and allowed to roam freely are superior in just about every way to standard eggs (especially taste).

I don't know why Disney's acting like they're the only farm fresh eggs though. I personally buy Egg Innovations or Nature's Yoke and the eggs are so fresh and have the trademark bright whites and bright yellow yokes.

Break a regular factory farmed egg and you'll see how dull they look by comparison. I used to eat standard eggs thinking an egg is an egg but now that I've had REAL eggs, I'll never go back. It's worth the extra money and if you get the ones that have omega-3s, all the better.