Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Disney World Means Luxury for Pets as Well as People

I haven't been blogging lately about life in Celebration because I've been busy with magaine work and covering the theme parks for the Examiner website. Examiner now only lets me upload one photo, which does not work for travel writing. Thus I will be putting the photo tours here and linking over from the articles. Click here to read the Examiner article.

What follows is my photographic tour of the brand new Best Friends pet resort, which just opened at Walt Disney World today.

Below is the sign that greats you in front of the building, which is located across the street from the Port Orleans resort, not far from Downtown Disney and the Epcot resort area:

Below, Pluto joins in on the opening day festivities:

Part of the outdoor doggie play area is shown below:

Below you can see the press turnout as media members watch the dogs frolick:

Check out the dog in the two photos below enjoying the fountain in the dog playground. Perfect for hot Florida days!

Cats are not neglected at Best Friends, as you can see by the kitty condo pictured below:

Cats get time out each day to enjoy this play area, complete with big windows that you can see below:

People bring bettas, hamsters, and bunnies to Disney World, and they're all welcome at Best Friends, as the photo below shows:

Pampered dogs can visit for the day and have special spa treats, as you can see below in the grooming area:

Check out the doggie dogs below. The kennels are very comfy and have doors to the outside:

Dogs get playtime each day, and you can even bring them for doggie daycare so they can romp in the room shown below:

There are luxury suites and VIP rooms with amenities such as the cushy bed below:

Pretty fancy kennel!

Pampered pooches even get doggie ice cream treats (and cats get tuna on crackers), as you can see below:

The VIP suites even have playgroup equipment outside:

Cute decoration on the Best Friends building:

The outside decor shown below makes dogs feel right at home:

Opening Ceremony:

Cute Dog Video:

All photos copyright by Barb Nefer, 2010.


Geren said...

Hello Barb,

What a treat to see you post, and thank goodness for my RSS feed reader to let me know. Thanks for the fantastic photo tour of the new facility, and it certainly is “paws-itively paw-sh” for our furry friends. May the visitors to this new pet spa never meet Tooncinator, but perhaps they will see your other wonderful kitties! I hope all is well with you in Central Florida, and I continue to enjoy your Examiner articles. Thanks for keeping us connected to the heart of Celebration!


Carpinteria, CA

Hank L. said...

So glad your back with your blog Barb. I missed your interesting journeys.

Denise in PA said...

Thanks so much for the Best Friends update! My puppy Lilly goes to the Best Friends here near Philadelphia, and I was thrilled to find out they were opening a location at WDW (we just got back from the World last Saturday). In fact, the manager of our local BF went to help open up the WDW facility a year or so ago, I don't know is she's still there or not.

I miss your blog posts! Glad to "hear" from you again!

Denise in PA said...

Me again...just listened to the video - sounds like manager Jennifer is still there. I meant to go say hi when we were there last week, but didn't get the chance. I'm glad to know she's still there!

Unique Boutique said...

I got a real kick out of reading your blog! Thanks for providing a refreshing perspective on life in Celebration, FL. Are you familiar with Unique Boutique in the downtown area? You should stop by and say hi!

Juz Griffiths said...

Great to have you back, I have been following you on examiner and FB anyway.... Sounds a bit stalkerish, but hey great to see you blogging again