Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A fiesta of flavor at Epcot's new Hacienda de San Angel restaurant

On September 15 I had the pleasure of attending the media event for the grand opening of La Hacienda de San Angel at Disney World's Epcot theme park. I wrote about it for Examiner, but they only allow me to post one photo now so below is my full photographic coverage, including plenty of "food porn" at the bottom. Click here to hop to the Examiner article if you didn't read it already. The food was delicious, and as an added bonus, the outdoor eating area is a perfect spot to see Illuminations. I enjoyed the view here even more than I do at the U.K. restaurant patio.

Here is the friendly team from Hacienda de San Angel:

Opening ceremonies:

Mickey and Donald were on hand to cut the ribbon. Note that it's up in this photo:

And now it's cut!

Grand opening sign inside the restaurant:

Aren't those lovely light fixtures?

What Mexican-themed celebration would be complete without a mariachi band?

And now the best porn! Everything was delicious:

Mole on pork:

The item below was my favorite. It had a slightly sweet flavor:

Rose petal margarita that did indeed taste like rose water:

I didn't dare try the jalapenos:

This was filled with cheese. It reminded me of the quesadillas casera I get at El Tenampa, my favorite Kissimmee Mexican restaurant:

I can't remember if this was a mango or guava margarita, but it was good either way!

The shrimp taco will definitely please seafood lovers:

Yum! They use my favorite kind of Mexican cheese (the white, crumbly kind), as you can see below:

I think the photo below is another view of my favorite tasty treat:

All photos copyright 2010 by Barb Nefer, all rights reserved.

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Denise in PA said...

The food looks amazing! We'll have try it when we're there in December. We went to the new Tequila bar in the Mexican pavilion a few weeks ago and it was awesome!